Karen light, chief creative and illustrator

My Vision: My vision is to nurture humanity through the magic of storytelling. I especially love to co-create Family Books with my clients. I call them Family Books because the content may be presented in a way that is attractive and understandable to children, but the message is meaningful for everyone who reads it.

My Inspiration: Color! Stories! Quotes! Nature! Young people! Old people! All people! Music! Collaborations! It’s everywhere…

My Materials: I used to think I would always use traditional art materials. I greatly enjoy mixing all kinds of media together to achieve saturated colors. I like using illustration markers, watercolors, acrylic paint, colored pencils, oil pastels and soft pastels. Then, I got a digital drawing pad and I fell in love all over again! So, now I am happy to do both hand-drawn and digital illustrations!

My Background: I have a BFA from Xavier University where I majored in sculpture. I was a mixed media painter for years. Then I illustrated my first book and found so much joy in the process. That was six years ago and I see no end in sight! I also have an MA in Cultural Management where I focused on organizations using arts for social change, I have been teaching for nearly two decades, and I am a Creativity Coach.

My Reason for Starting Studio Light: Studio Light Illustration really is the integration of all my passions! I am passionate about illustration and creativity in general. I love the creative collaborations with authors and being a part of their dreams coming true. Also, as a teacher and coach, I am passionate about helping others live the life of their dreams and this is happening through the Illustrator Apprenticeship program!

My Quirky Fact: Sometimes I think my life is one big quirky fact! The quirkiness of the moment is that I am obsessed with tiny houses. I plan to build one for my 40th birthday!