Karen Light interviews authors and soon-to-be authors to find out more about what inspired them to write their books and about the inspiring stories within their books in the hopes of inspiring others to write and share their own stories!

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Mary Grace Bertulfo is a writer, teacher and community builder. The novel she is currently working on follows the story of a Filipino woman shaman at the time of the arrival of Ferdinand Magellan to their land.  Karen and Mary Grace discuss the intersection of nature, culture and spirituality in stories, in teaching and in community.

Karen Kelly is the author of the soon-to-be-released, Snow Angels on Your Pillow.  Karen and Karen explore the unexpected journey creating something can take you on and the idea of angels working behind the scenes to help us out.

Catherine Johns is the author of Show Up and Shine: Simple Steps to Boost Your Confidence and Charisma.  Karen and Catherine talk about so much including poses you can use to create presence, how to speak from your core and the damage of minimizing language.

Judy Mollen Walters is the author of the novel, The In-Between Place, as well as six other novels.  Karen and Judy discuss her inspiration for learning about illnesses as themes in her books and practical advice on how to complete the task of writing a novel.

Lisa Becker is the author of Azure House: The People.  Karen and Lisa discuss the aliveness of the characters we create, publishing agents and some great tips for not driving yourself into the ground.

Egle Makaraite is the soon-to-be author of a forthcoming memoir about lessons learned during one difficult year.  Karen and Egle talk about a variety of topics in this episode including writing a memoir at a young age, choosing to live as an artist and the importance of positive self-talk.

Norma “First Lady” McLauchlin of Chosen Pen Publishing, is one author represented in the anthology I've Got to Write! It's Like Fire Shut Up in My Bones. She is joined by fellow writers, Doris Harvin and Florence Levy. Listen to the women share their journey to becoming writers and how First Lady is empowering women to share their stories.

Connie Nestler is the author of Sasha and Patches: The Life and Adventures of Two Rescued Cats with Minds of Their Own. (Coming soon!) Listen as we talk about the value of observation and how cats can teach children important lessons.

Dawn and Malik Ali of Outward Self, are the authors of I Am Whatever I Say I Am. (Coming soon!) Listen as we talk about the power of affirmations and taking leaps of faith.

Kristin Alexander of Kristin Alexander Author is the author of Nikolai. Listen as we talk about the steamy side of life in fun and serious ways.

Elizabeth Godley, actress, clown and voice-over extraordinaire, is the author of Ribbon's Traveling CastleListen as we talk about the amazing lessons kids have to teach us about life.

Evelyn Sanchez-Toledo of EST Books is the author of Diego's New America. Listen as we talk about the importance of knowing where you come from in an increasingly diverse world.

Beth Burns of Inner Strength Outer Success is the author of Inner Strength Outer Success: A Savvy Girl's Guide to Financial Empowerment. Listen as we talk about helpful mindsets and practical strategies for financial health.

Karen Vasquez-O'Donnell of Crazy Ventures is the author of Pepe and Pako: Cross Country Adventure (Coming soon!)Listen as we talk about widening the horizons of our worlds and our imaginations.

Adam FlemingLeadership Coach and Writer, is the author of Satchel Pong and the Great Migration.  Listen as we talk about the many unexpected places creativity leads us.  (Adam has also included some free gifts you can discover in the description of the podcast!)

Jackie Camacho-Ruiz of Fig Factor Media and JJR Marketing is the author ofThe Amazing World of Aviation.  Listen as we talk about what flying has taught her about making your dreams a reality.

Duane Scott Cerny, antique store owner and musician, is the author of Selling Dead People's Things.  Listen as he shares some fascinating stories as well as helpful tips on getting your book out there.

Karyn Ross of Karyn Ross Consulting is the author of How to Coach for Creativity and Service Excellence.  Listen as we discuss how to unlock your creativity to achieve whatever you want to achieve.

Esperanza Smith of Pure Esperanza is the author of Girl Seeking PearlsListen as we talk about truth-seeking and understanding when we have found a pearl of wisdom.