Jade Ueji, Apprentice Illustrator

My Vision: My vision as an illustrator is to bring my own story and the stories of others to life, seeking to get to the heart of what is trying to be expressed. As an artist, I am fascinated by the ways in which mythology, philosophy, and psychology weave through narrative and storytelling.

My Inspiration: I am inspired by the strange imaginative thoughts and impulses that come out of exploring my inner topography. I’m endlessly intrigued by creating invented worlds and the opportunity to travel through them within my work.

My Materials: Graphite, pen, and ink are the perfect materials for the clean line work and textural illustrations I make.

My Background: I have a BFA in Studio Arts at University of Colorado Boulder and I am experienced in Photoshop and Procreate.

My Reason for Being an Apprentice: Being a Studio Light Illustration Apprentice is appealing to me primarily because I love to work collaboratively. I enjoy the challenge and satisfaction of starting with someone else’s creative vision, building a connection with them, and then bringing forth a co-created work of art.  

My Quirky Fact: I was a very “martial” kid, teaching myself nun-chucks (without concussing myself!) and sword dancing at the age of 9 before moving on to formal study of Bushin Kan karate.