AMANDA pletsch, apprentice illustrator

My Vision: I spark imagination with my illustrations. I like to let the subject and medium I am working in guide the flow of creation.

My Inspiration: Life inspires me to make art. Specifically, my children and my love for animals and nature.

My Materials: I love to use acrylics and Procreate! I also illustrate using watercolors, color pencils, and alcohol markers.  

My Background: BFA-Fine Arts North Park University (2007). Software experience: Photoshop and Procreate.

My Reason for Being an Apprentice: I have always been interested in illustrating children’s books. I just never knew where to start. I feel like this opportunity will take me closer to who I am becoming as an artist and what I am meant to do with my art.

My Quirky Fact: I will go to the bookstores and look at children’s books for illustrations, just for fun. I did this even before I had kids. I am a kid at heart.