In Doodle-Shops, Karen Light designs doodling experiences that engage participants in activating creative thinking, explore themselves and their world and find new pathways forward in their lives.

Each participant will imagine inspired visions for themselves, investigate limiting beliefs that block their full potential, learn tools for mindset shifts and identify steps they can take to create forward momentum. As an experienced Coach and Teacher, Karen taps into each participant’s intrinsic motivation and empowers them in the process of self-discovery and real-world application.

Why doodles you ask? We are so glad you did!

  • Doodling ignites the imagination and stimulates new ideas.

  • Doodling creates focus and intention in the present moment.

  • Doodling expresses emotions and concepts quickly.

  • Doodling is a natural instinct for “artists” and “non-artists” alike.

  • Doodling brings an element of fun to things that are complicated, difficult or boring.

  • Doodling can illuminate what was once unknown.

  • Doodling is an antidote for the perfectionism, over-thinking, stress, burn-out, apathy, overwhelming feelings, anxiety, worry and lost passion that block the creation of visions that really move us and/or the inspired action that our visions require.

Curious how this might work for your company? Let’s have a conversation!

Doodling Resources:

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The “Thinking” Benefits of Doodling, Harvard Health Publishing

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Aug 24: Creating a Difference: Creative Online Retreat. Open to everyone! Find out more here.

If you have been wanting or trying to move ahead with something in your life, try this retreat. Karen’s experience with coaching people shines through. I was amazed at the doodles I doodled and how much doodling helped me focus. At the end of the workshop I felt inspired to take the next step towards accomplishing what I had been trying to get the courage to do. And...a few days later, I DID IT.
— Doodle Workshop Participant
Karen’s Doodle Retreat was exactly what I needed! It allowed me to realize my limiting belief in a fun creative way. After this retreat I now have the steps to move forward in my life’s purpose.
— Doodle Retreat Paricipant
I’ve always been a “doodler”, however, I never really understood the value. Now, I do. Through this doodling event, I was able to slow down and take time to understand my “self”, my beliefs, and my goals much better. I highly recommend that everyone take time out to attend and experience how doodling can help to transform your life.
— Doodle Workshop Participant