May: Busy-ness/Slooowness

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Today I want to talk about busyness/slowness.

Here is what has been happening lately in my life since I have decided to investigate the reason for my busyness on a deeper level. As I’m in business (busy-ness! Ha!) for myself, I want to set myself up for healthy growth and my work life dominates all else right now. As always, if I put something out there, the universe is only too happy to conspire!

It all started with a conversation with my coach (Adam Fleming – Woot!) about how I never take a day off. So I did something nuts and I took a weekend off! I witness how my thoughts returned to my work over and over again. By the time Monday came around, I was de-motivated by the to-do list I had built up all weekend long – ick!

I finally found my stride only to discover that my digital drawing stylus quit working and I had to order a new one. I also got really sunburnt (I was caught off guard by the hot sun in the same week I was scrapping snow off my car.) and it made me move so much slower and rest a bit more. Lastly, my internet was crawling a few days this week and so I tethered my phone which then used up my data plan and now my phone will be crawling for another week! 

Part of me wanted to the frustrated victim and maybe I would have succumbed to that had I not consciously decided to learn how to be slower. Instead I chose to open to what was being shown to me. I walked into the slower life that was being offered instead of trying to “fix” it immediately. I read a 400 page novel (my first read by Isabelle Allende and I must read more!), I continued my de-cluttering process which I am finding de-clutters my brain at the same time, I sat with my ideas longer and savored them and watched where they took me, I made clear lists of only three priorities for each day, I spent far less time on social media, I decided to trust that everything was happening as it should and relax more into my day. 

Lots got done and lots didn’t get done, but I was less stressed than if it all had gotten done.

As my sunburn fades (and peels), my drawing stylus arrives, and my phone data is renewed, I am exploring how to keep cultivating that slowness, how to keep choosing the slower life that keeps me in touch with my creative source from where all the inspired action can flow without force or fatigue.

I would love to hear about your explorations of slowing down in the comments below. If you feel inspired to do so, you can also join me in my next creative online retreat on May 25th called Slooow on the Draw. Click on the link to find out how to attend these two delicious hours of you-time.