October: Beauty


I never realized how much I underestimated the soulful need for beauty.  Of course, I had clues that I needed it through the crazy amount of sunset and tree photos I have taken, the weekly trips to the woods, the imagery in some of my art… 

But these last two months I have had a daily existence of working outside in a beautiful landscape and it is having a significant impact on me.  

It is mostly internal.  A slowing of my inner pace.  A mindful presence. Stopping to find the bird that is chirping in the tree, feeling the breeze on my face, watching the change in light across the land...  

This has been translating in positive ways to my outer work.  With the slower pace and part of my days filled with organic farming, I simply cannot act on every idea I have.  I have had to increase my timelines. I have to be clear about priorities.  

The transition to this space was scary at first.  Fear of not doing enough. Fear of letting other people down.  Fear that my business will fail. Lots of fear.  

But I got beyond the fear to a delicious space of calm.  To a space of trust. To a space that all is working out as it should as evidenced by the perfection of the natural world around me.

What fears keep you too distracted to see the beauty around you?  How do you find ways to fill your soul with beauty?