The Fire of Inspiration: Introduction


How do we kindle the fire of inspiration?

As an artist who has experienced seemingly cosmic spurts of creativity, I would love to claim authority on this matter, but as it turns out... I too am at the mercy of it’s the high and low tides.

It has been quite the challenge to look deeper into my own relationship with inspiration, and to then write as if I know anything about the nature of how and when it arrives. But something switched in the process of writing this post, as it became a playful exploration rather than seeking an answer to share with others.

Cultivating the allusive spirit of inspiration seems to be something not forced but opened to. The inner discipline of trust rather than control.


It seems that (I) am not a singular being

Rather a multitude of selves all singing 

and screaming to be heard

Consciousness lives in motion

Alive only, in its strange and curious unfoldings

Still (I) search for form in the formless

Forgetting the nature of fire

Smoke choked in charred fingers

Burnt palms red in anger

Hold nothing...

Nothing to be held

It is the motion of clouds that catches my eye

Not the image captured in a photo

The notion of (I) is in orbit

I am the sun and the moon

And it is the gravity between them that sparks my soul 


I find that creativity comes from being awake to ourselves. To observe the intricacies of my inner landscape without reservation. Allowing thoughts and emotions to be uninhibited in their creative expression.