kimberly manley, apprentice illustrator

My Vision: My vision as an illustrator and artist is to create artwork that communicates thoughtful ideas and experiences. I like to raise awareness of topics that are important to me and that many people can relate to. Some current themes within my artwork include expressing mental and physical health and the connection between humans and nature.

My Inspiration: My own experiences and events going on outside my life inspires my artwork. I create artwork that evokes a feeling or tells a story about those experiences. I am inspired by how art can connect people and get others to think about the world in different ways.

My Materials: I prefer to work with traditional mediums including colored pencil, watercolor, pen and ink and acrylic. I also create mixed media works and love to experiment with various mediums.

My Background: BFA in illustration from Northern Illinois University. I have experience with Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, InDesign, and After Effects.

My Reason for Being an Apprentice: I joined the Apprenticeship Program, because Studio Light is about more than just illustrating and networking. Studio Light is about connecting with others and working on what is holding us back from truly being successful. It is providing, not only a great outward experience, but an internal experience that helps to prepare apprentices mentally and emotionally for our own personal journey.

My Quirky Fact: During my childhood I would create stories in my head as a way to escape reality when things were stressful or I was trying to fall asleep. I would daydream and play pretend about fairies, ghosts, my favorite TV shows, other realities, and romance. To this day I still catch myself daydreaming during the dull parts of my day.