Egle Makaraite, Apprentice Illustrator

My Vision: I want people to be able to see their lives as beautiful and to use that vision as a way to heal and relieve any past or current pain.

My Inspiration: For me it is compulsive. If I am not creating I feel restless and sometimes even get sad. The best way for me to become happier is to create something beautiful. I also love to create artwork that I know shows people a better way to interact with each other and a more beautiful vantage point from which to view their lives.

My Materials: I love to do digital illustrations in adobe sketch. I also love and and all traditional media. I can do oil pastels, pencil, oil pastels. Occasionally I enjoy turning photos into digital artwork as well. I have a passion for oil painting but alas that requires space and paint disposal methods that are not always available to me.

My Background: Bachelor of Arts in Individual Study with a concentration in Creativity at New York University; proficiency in Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, with lots of experience in Adobe Sketch (a mobile app)

My Reason for Being an Apprentice:I love the community aspect of it, but more importantly, I have been seeking an artistic mentor for a long time. I love having someone to ask for help in this field and someone to turn to who is farther along than I am. I hope to mentor budding artists as I get older and the first step, to me, is to become an apprentice in such a program myself.

My Quirky Fact: My name means spruce/Christmas tree in Lithuanian.