Define, create and expand success by being the unique artist that YOU truly are.

Being apart of Studio Light apprenticeship program was life changing for me. It has allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and go for my dream of being able to support my family through my art. The program help me realize who I want to be as an artist. Most importantly it has given me the drive and motivation to create.
— Amanda Pletsch, Studio Light Apprentice
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The Artist Apprenticeship Program is an online individual and group coaching program that helps artists like you become more financially successful as you become more grounded in the unique artistic expression you want to create and share with the world. 

It helps you to define what success means to you, identify a path towards it and take actions that increase your sense of accomplishment .

The group coaching will provide a space for you to learn, grow and share ideas with like-minded people who can become an integral part of your support system.

At the end, you will receive a Certificate of Completion of the Artist Apprenticeship Program which will demonstrate that you have completed 65 hours of work related to becoming an artrepreneur (artist + entrepreneur = artrepreneur!)


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You will explore your current mindsets, discover blocks to success and make shifts that will empower you to transform your current reality into what you envision.  

You will be guided through the many practical aspects of being a successful, working artist such as marketing, discipline, networking, pricing structures, business plans and more in a way that is completely individualized to the type of artist you are and the goals that you have for yourself. 

You will learn to identify your natural strengths and see challenges as a built in guidance system leading you to share the unique artist you are with the world in your own way.


You are a talented artist with a drive to become more successful and realize your artistic visions in the world.

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You may want art-making to be your main source of income. You may want to achieve a creative goal alongside another career. Or you may not yet know the big picture of what you want to achieve and simply want to find clarity on your artistic direction.

Whatever the case may be, you are a committed, curious creative with integrity. You are open to learning from others, sharing your discoveries and taking the risks necessary to live your dreams.


Working with Karen has been a great experience for me. It allowed me to meet other artists and discuss my ideas freely. I was able to explore my goals as an artist and to test my creativity in different ways. Karen provided us the opportunity to participate in various art-related events and collaborate with each other on a regular basis. I recommend this apprenticeship to any beginner artist who wants to connect with a community and find accountability in what you do!
— Christelle Liviero Aracena, Studio Light Apprenctice

You will:

  • advance in the process of finding your joy as an artist and aligning how you do business with that joy;

  • discover your value and reflect it in how you price your work/services;

  • take an honest look at your habits and create healthy discipline that will bring you closer to your goals;

  • become clearer on who you want to work for/with and how you want to cultivate those relationships; 

  • understand your leadership role in developing a co-creative process with clients that allows you to unleash your creative potential;

  • build a circle of support with other artists;

  • create a plan that will carry you into your next phase;

  • gain tools and strategies that will allow you to continue to coach yourself.


Karen Light is the Founder, Chief Creative and an Illustrator at Studio Light Illustration.  As a certified Life Coach with nearly two decades of teaching experience as a Teaching Artist and a Teacher of Teachers, she has worked with people of all ages and backgrounds.  

Karen has a BFA with a concentration in Sculpture from Xavier University as well as an MA in Cultural Management with a focus on using arts for social change from City University London.  She has owned a studio storefront in the Oak Park Arts District, exhibited work in many settings and has developed arts programming for non-profit organizations.  

In 2018, Karen refocused her energy in order to become financially successful through art-making when she launched Studio Light Illustration.  As a result, she has never felt so joyful, creative, free and empowered and she is passionate about helping others who want the same!



Every Apprentice will receive two hours of individual coaching per month as well as one group coaching session every month for six months. 

You will have email and phone support from Karen between sessions and you will be added to the Studio Light Slack which is a growing resource for all things related to becoming a successful working artist.  

You can expect to dedicate about 2 - 3 hours per week to the Artist Apprenticeship program including attending coaching sessions and completing assignments related to your success as a working artist.

If you are selected to be a part of the program, you are expected to commit to the full six months and to the agreed upon individual and group session times as each session builds on each other! 


The cost is determined on a individual basis! If selected, we will have a conversation and see what we can work out!

This program is valued at $400 per month for six months for a total of $2400.

Up to two artists per six-month enrollment period who demonstrate financial need and relevant skill sets will be chosen to complete the program as a work exchange. Instead of paying, these artists will complete agreed upon projects that help Studio Light Illustration grow as a business.  


Click here for an application! Apply any time. Artists are accepted on a rolling basis.  Please contact us with any questions or for more information.

If you want to talk to a current Apprentice, Kim Manley and/or Amanda Pletsch would love to have a conversation with you!

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The Studio Light Apprenticeship has been an incredible experience. Karen directs the content in a way that helps us individually. For me that means learning about the importance of self value and confidence and how it affects building relationships. That is important to me for creating a meaningful and successful future for myself and others.
— Kim Manley, Studio Light Apprentice